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Studio Visit: Village Pottery

During our visit to Prince Edward Island, we came across the beautiful heritage building which homes the island's longest running pottery shop, Village Pottery. Located in New London, Village Pottery was established in 1973 by Daphne Large and has been in operation for over forty years.  

The building itself, once used as a general store, has a wonderful old charm to it. Upstairs, an art gallery features the unique work of other makers on the island -- lush weavings, watercolour paintings on wood, embroidered photos and stunning hand-felted wall hangings. The shop also carries the work of ten other local potters, making it a one-stop shop for lovers of handmade housewares and those who want to support local artists.

Walking through the front door we saw tables, baskets, almost every nook filled with vivid jewel-toned mugs, jars, vases and bowls. As we coasted past the shelves brimming with beautiful and delicate pieces, I heard a gentle whir coming from the back - a wonderful, familiar sound I had been missing. I peered over and saw a clay splattered Shimpo wheel in motion - mugs in progress! As this was my first pottery shop visit on the road, I was giddy with excitement to meet an east coast potter and -- fingers crossed -- get a glimpse into their studio set-up. 

I chatted with Suzanne Scott, also known as 'The Potter's Daughter', who was busy at the wheel in the back of the shop. As she began to center the clay, she explained how the whole family, including both her father and brother, were now also involved in the production side of the long-standing pottery business. Although she had previously left the island to pursue other interests, she eventually came back to work at Village Pottery and has now been producing beautiful ceramics full-time for the past six years.  

Suzanne was kind enough to let me take a peek at her studio downstairs as she worked. Light flooded in through the windowed doors which opened to a calming view of rolling farm fields to the south. Freshly waxed plates and glazed bowls adorned the newspaper covered tables; stacked bisque-ware and pieces ready for their final firing sat on shelves along the back. What a treat to experience someone's creative space and witness their labour of love for the craft!

If you find yourself visiting the area, I'd definitely recommend paying a visit - thanks to the folks at Village Pottery for letting me photograph your gorgeous work and space!


Shop: http://www.villagepottery.ca

Instagram: @villagepottery | @the_potters_daughter